Energy Flows

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I was talking with a friend of mine this morning.

Everything she was talking about was exactly what she didn’t want, what she wasn’t getting and what she wasn’t doing.

I had to remind her that “energy flows where attention goes”.

So I ask you, where is your attention today?


A Flash of Inspiration

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Resistance is Futile

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Do you ever wonder why the things that happen to you that you don’t like can bother you so much?  Why you can’t let go of these experiences? Why, when you get mad at something or someone your energy gets clogged and depleted? It’s Resistance.

When you resist what is, you are focusing your attention on something you don’t like or don’t want. And where attention goes, energy flows. So the more you resist what you don’t want, the more focus it gets from you and the more painful it is. Not only that, you seem to attract more of that bad feeling or experience into your life.

Your personal Chi (energy) is just like electricity in that way. Your Resistance to something causes a blockage in your energy flow, just a like an electrical resistor cuts down on the amount of current that can pass through a circuit. And, oh by the way, YOU are an electrical circuit too. Starting to get clear?

So as you experience anger or sadness or any other negative emotion and you want that feeling to go away, you are just adding resistance to it. The more you want to feel better, the more resistance you add to it and the worse you feel. It’s a terrible negative cycle.

So, let me tell you a story about a situation I had the other day. I was in the grocery store and I was ready to check out. I came up to the check out stands and chose a line that seemed short. As I waited, I noticed the line next to me moving faster and so I quickly  switched to that line. Immediately I knew I had made a mistake as I saw the checker on the phone trying to resolve a problem, AND my old line started moving really fast.

Before I could switch back two other people got in my line and it was too late. I was PISSED! I stood there, angry and impatient as the checker seemed to ignore the backup, and the resolution to the problem was not coming fast enough. Argggggg!

Then it dawned on me. Resistance! I wasn’t really angry at ‘them’, I was angry at myself. I made a bad decisions and now it was going to cost me. “Boy, am I stupid!” I thought. More resistance. I was absolutely focused on ‘what is’, and I didn’t like it. The more I thought about it more I didn’t like it. As I longingly watched the other line move swiftly and the person in the spot I had been leaving the store, I really got it. I was resisting the resistance. Making it worse.

At that moment I decided to let it go. I did. I couldn’t do anything about it anyway, and really I only ‘lost’ about 2 minutes. Then everything was fine. My line started moving. I put a smile on my face and the checker was really nice to me. I packed my groceries and headed home. Resistance is Futile!

©2007 – Steve O’Sullivan

Author, speaker, and teacher Steve O’Sullivan has been studying and practicing meditation for over ten years and is the creator of   The Chi of Love Meditation CD 

What is Chi?

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In a word, energy.

Chi, or qi (pronounced chee) is the Chinese word used to describe the natural or life energy of the Universe. It is believed that Chi flows in all things and that this energy must be balanced and kept in harmony.

The balance of Chi is the root of such practices as acupuncture, Tai chi, qi gong and feng shui

I believe you can balance your energy through the practice of meditation. I’ll be sharing some of my methods and insights to this peaceful and calming activity in the coming days.

Until then,


– Steve